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How do I apply for building permits?

Learn how to apply for a building permit.

Where do I pay my Real Estate and Personal Property Tax?

You may remit payment to:

Christine Lorenzen
E9519 830th Avenue
Colfax, WI 54730

Real Estate tax is due in two installments, first half by January 31 and second half by July 31. Personal Property tax is all due by January 31.

I feel my property assessment is incorrect?

Please contact our Property Tax Assessor

Randy Dulin
E5479 708th Avenue
Menomonie 54751

How do I apply for a Dog License?

Dog licenses are due by March 31st. 

State Statutes require all dogs be vaccinated for rabies.  Proof of rabies vaccination is mandatory to receive a license.  If you include your payment with your real estate tax payment please also include a copy of proof of vaccination.

Fees:  $3    Spayed/neutered
           $8    Male/femal non neutered
            $35 Multi-dog/kennels

Mail to:  Chris Lorenzen, Treasurer
            Township of Colfax
            E9519 830th Ave
            Colfax, WI  54730

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