Town Hall Rental

Our town hall is a great place to host anniversary parties, showers or graduation parties.  We have a full kitchen and 7 banquet tables.  Please click here for the application.  The application can be mailed or emailed back to the



Rental fee for use of the town hall is $40 per day for residents and $75 for non-residents.  A deposit equal to the rental fee must also be submitted.

The town board may waive the fee for chartered, registered non-profit organizations, however a donation would be appreciated.

Arrange to pick up the rental key from a board member or the clerk.  The rental key must be returned the following day.

Any group using the kitchen facilities is expected to:

          1.  Leave the kitchen as you find it.

            2.  Wash and put away all dishes.

            3.  Clean the counters.

            4.  Wipe out the refrigerator.  Leave no food in it.

            5.  Sweep and, if necessary, wipe up the floor.

            6.  Take your garbage with you to dispose of it.

            7.  If towels are used, they should be laundered and returned to the town    

                 hall within four days.


Any equipment, tables or chairs that are broken or missing must be replaced at the renter’s expense.

The outside area must be left clean and free of trash/garbage.