Permits and Licenses

The Town of Colfax has adopted the Dunn County Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance. Anyone who desires to build any kind of structure in the Town of Colfax must first contact Dunn County Zoning, at 715-231-6522

Zoning Permits

Click here for the Dunn County zoning permit.

Colfax Land Use Permit

Click here for Colfax land use permit application.

Driveway Permits

Click here for Colfax driveway permit application

After the application is filled out and submitted to the Town, at least one representative of the Town of Colfax will inspect the location. Please stake the area where the driveway will be.

The Town Board will discuss the application at a town meeting and either approve, deny, or make suggestions for modifications to the plan. There is no fee for a driveway permit.

Burning Permits

The Town of Colfax, at this time, does not issue burning permits. Please call the non-emergency number of the Dunn County Sheriff’s Department, 715-232-1348, to let them know you will be burning brush.

License Applications

Bartenders License

Operators License

Cigarette License

Dog Licenses

Dog licenses are due by March 31st. 

State Statutes require all dogs be vaccinated for rabies.  Proof of rabies vaccination is mandatory to receive a license.  If you include your payment with your real estate tax payment please also include a copy of proof of vaccination.

Fees:  $3    Spayed/neutered
           $8    Male/female non neutered
           $35  Multi-dog/kennels

Mail to:  Melissa Morgan, Treasurer
            Township of Colfax
            E9355 754th Ave
            Colfax, WI  54730