Apply for Minor Subdivisions/CSMs

Land Division Review

The Dunn County Surveyor and Planning/Zoning Department are responsible for the administration and enforcement of the division of lands within the unincorporated areas of Dunn County in order to promote the public health, safety, prosperity, aesthetics, economic well-being and general welfare of Dunn County.

Any division of property is required to meet the standards set forth in Chapter 16 of the Dunn County Code of Ordinances and the related chapters of Wisconsin Administrative Code A-E 7 and State Statutes that are in effect.

What Land Divisions need approval?

Minor Land Division - Land divisions that create a parcel which is less than a rectangular half of a government protracted quarter-quarter require County approval and shall be recorded as a Certified Survey Map (CSM). A maximum of four lots can be created with a CSM. 

Major Land Division - Land divisions of five (5) or more lots shall be recorded as a Subdivision Plat. Any subdivision with five or more lots that are less than 1.5 acres in size requires State plat review and County approval.

All CSM's, Preliminary and Final Plats are reviewed by the County and also the Town of Colfax prior to recording. To meet the Town's timeline, submit your application and the subdivision checklist to the town clerk by the 2nd Wednesday of the month. This ensures that your application can be reviewed by the Plan Commission on the 4th Wednesday of the month and that a final determination can be made by the Town Board on the 2nd Wednesday of the next month. Our review takes a minimum of one month to complete so please plan accordingly

All Land Divisions submitted to Dunn County shall be accompanied by a completed application and required fee.  In addition to the application the Town of Colfax also requires a subdivision checklist to be completed.