Zoning Information

Zoning and Land Division Information for the Town of Colfax

Landowners have good resources for finding out permitted land uses in Colfax Township.   Both Dunn County Zoning and Colfax ordinances apply.  The purpose of this brochure is to help you navigate both.

Colfax Township has a Comprehensive Land Use Plan and ordinances that support community values, topography, and healthy water recharge. View the current Land Use Plan and Ordinances.

Colfax Township is zoned under the Dunn County Zoning Ordinance.  The current Zoning Ordinance is available online a www.co.dunn.wi.us/planningzoning. Where there are differences between the Dunn County Zoning Ordinance and the Colfax Subdivision/Land Division Ordinance, the more restrictive requirement applies.

The majority of the Township is zoned General Agriculture (GA).  The permitted principle uses include agriculture with the purpose of earning an income or livelihood; undeveloped natural resources and open space areas; single family/two family farm residence that is occupied by the owner/operator of the farm; governmental uses; and single family housing. (Refer to the current Dunn County Zoning Ordinance for a more complete list of permitted uses in areas zoned GA.)  Permission is required from the County for the owner to use property for other special uses allowed by the Ordinance.

Dunn County Zoning allows a maximum Residential Density of 1:8 (1 residential parcel per 8 acres) in GA zoned areas. This limits the number of parcels that can be made by subdividing a piece of land. The Town of Colfax Subdivision/Land Division Ordinance requires that any lot created by a land division be a minimum of 4 acres. Together this means that a 40 acre piece of property can be made into 5 lots with no lot being smaller than 4 acres. The county and township ordinances protect our drinking water from being polluted, maintain the rural character of our town, preserve wildlife and natural resources, etc.  (Refer to Town of Colfax Comprehensive Land Use Plan.)

The Colfax Subdivision/Land Division Ordinance also requires that any structure built on your land to be at least 30 feet from the property line.  Smaller distances make it difficult to impossible for large trucks, equipment, emergency and fire-fighting equipment to access side and rear areas of the property when needed, and they increase the likelihood of water pollution from neighboring septic systems and field applications of fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, etc.

The Colfax Subdivision/Land Division Ordinance promotes the public health, safety, and general welfare in the Town.  Specifically, its intent is “to encourage the orderly layout and efficient use of land; promote desirable utilization of land by recognizing significant features such as slopes; topography, soils, vegetation, wetlands, and wildlife habitat; provide and ensure safe and efficient public roads; allow adequate access to residences by emergency vehicles; protect surface water, ground water, and wetlands; provide for adequate septic and sewage facilities; guard against negative environmental impacts; preserve the capacity for flood plains to carry on discharge flood waters; conserve the natural scenic beauty of the Town; and preserve the rural residential and/or agricultural character of the Town”.  

The Colfax Subdivision/Land Division ordinance requires that “no land shall be subdivided which is held unsuitable for its proposed use by the Town approving authority  for reasons of flooding, inadequate drainage, adverse soil or rock formation, severe erosion potential, unfavorable topography, inadequate water supply or sewerage capabilities or any other feature or circumstances likely to result in the imposition of unreasonable costs to remedy severe and unavoidable problems or to be harmful to the health, safety or general welfare of the future residents of the subdivision or the community.

Also, all new driveways require prior approval by the Town Board. The Board has the authority to deny requests for driveways that are a safety hazard, that may cause excessive damage to Township roads or provide access to property that is out of compliance with zoning or other ordinances.

Colfax Township takes a proactive stand to maintain the goals outlined in the Town Comprehensive Plan and the Town ordinances.

It is important that you contact the Town Clerk to obtain the necessary applications and permits for any new or revised land use. clerk@townofcolfax.com