2nd Amendment Resolution Advisory Vote

The residents of Colfax will have a chance to voice their support or opposition to the proposed 2nd Amendment Resolution that the board will be voting on at the Sept 8th, 2021 meeting.  This advisory vote will be held Sept 8, 2021 at the town hall from 5:30 - 6:45 PM. These votes will be tallied and presented to the board during a regular scheduled meeting agenda item.  The board will then vote whether or not to approve the resolution.  If you were not a registered voter before the last election please bring proof of residency of the Town of Colfax.  A town has no legal authority on this matter and adopting this type of a resolution at the local level would have no effect on state or federal regulations that might pertain to the right to bear arms. Passing a resolution opposing/supporting would be considered a policy statement by the Town Board.

Read the full resolution here.